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Without Border NFT Collection

The OG WITHOUT BORDER NFT consists of two exclusive NFT Collection 3D designs.

An intricate tapestry is woven from the vibrant threads of cultures, countries, and commerce. The Containers and Seals within tell the timeless story of how goods traverse borders, cultures converge, and the world becomes one grand marketplace. Each NFT isn't merely digital art; it's a testament to how trade connects the globe and unites diverse societies in harmonious exchange. The Containers, with their distinct colors and rarities, mirror the ever-changing kaleidoscope of international trade, where every journey is unique. The Seals are the guardians of trust, emphasizing the significance of secure transactions in a globalized world.

Owning a piece of this collection doesn't just make you an art enthusiast; it makes you part of a global narrative, a celebration of logistics, transport, and the universal connections that trade fosters. It's a symbol of how unity and cooperation have turned the world into one grand marketplace, where the exchange of goods and ideas knows no borders. Each NFT you own is a brushstroke in this vibrant masterpiece, connecting you to the fascinating world of Without Border. By participating in this collection, you're not just collecting NFTs; you're becoming an integral part of the global story of commerce, culture, and connectivity, where every transaction links societies and individuals across borders.

The Without Border NFT collection offers a range of benefits to its users. Those who collect the Container NFTs will receive a percentage of the costs from platform usage, sales fees from NFTs, and income earned from business advertising platforms. They will also receive a discount on POLFEX agent services and have the opportunity to participate in exclusive holder giveaways, receive free token airdrops, and mint a Second NFT Giveaway. Additionally, holders are guaranteed a mint and discount for the second collection. The collection includes 3500 unique pieces of Container art with three rarities.

Those who collect the Seal NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in special draws on the platform and receive giveaways for services, products, and souvenirs. The collection includes 3500 unique pieces of Seal art with three rarities. Overall, this collection offers unique and original digital artwork that symbolizes the importance of logistics and transportation in today's world, as well as the connection between different countries and cultures through international trade.

Without Border Containers Collection

This collection is made up of 3500 Container NFTs

Embark on a captivating digital odyssey with our Container Collection. Each NFT in this remarkable collection unfolds a narrative as vivid as the rainbow. These NFTs stand as emblems of international trade's beating heart, symbolizing a world where countless stories and aspirations converge. Just like the containers of the physical world that traverse vast oceans, railways, and roads, these NFTs connect you to the bustling pulse of the global economy. Here, you don't just own a digital piece of art; you own a gateway to the thriving world of commerce, where cultures, nations, and dreams unite.

These containers come in various models and colors, representing the diverse journeys they undertake. From the elegance of the Diamond Tier Dry Van 40HQ to the robustness of the Golden Tier Dry Van 20FT, each model mirrors the wide spectrum of goods that crisscross our planet. Owning a Container NFT means you're part of an ever-moving, ever-evolving story of how goods are exchanged and how distant shores are bridged. Whether you're a trade enthusiast or an art connoisseur, these NFTs paint an indelible picture of connectivity and commerce that transcends borders.

It is a 3D design-based collection of containers in 11 different colors, with 3 identified rarities in specific models and very stylish futuristic backgrounds.

Depending on the rarity, it will have the profit pool that accompanies each NFT.








Members who acquire the NFT container will gain access to the best utility and complement the loyalty experience by acquiring the NFT security seal for their container, which together will make a unique experience of reward benefits and loyalty of our POLFEX business ecosystem.

Without Border Seal Collection

This collection is made up of 3500 Container NFTs

Venture into the realm of trade guardians with our Seal Collection. These NFTs symbolize the silent sentinels that safeguard your cargo's integrity during its global journey. They represent the invisible trust and security that underpin cross-border transactions. These digital watchmen stand as protectors of goods, ensuring they reach their destination intact and secure. By owning a Seal NFT, you assume the role of a guardian in the world of international trade, a defender of trust and reliability. Your NFT becomes a symbol of how these digital protectors maintain the global flow of goods.

Seal NFTs come in various colors and rarities, each representing a different aspect of security and protection in trade. Just as these seals stand as the invisible heroes of global logistics, owning one makes you a custodian of commerce. You're not just an NFT owner; you're a protector of the world's interconnected trade ecosystem. You ensure that the goods keep flowing, the trust remains unbroken, and international commerce thrives. These NFTs are a call to be a part of the larger narrative of global security and trade reliability.

It is a 3D design-based collection of container security seals in 7 different colors, with 3 identified rarities in specific models and stylish futuristic backgrounds.








Our NFT collection comes with many benefits around and operation of our platform that will give you the power and support you need for international trade and supply chain activities.

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