NFT Collection Benefits

We created an environment where all stakeholders get profits from NFT holders.

CONTAINER NFT Holder Rewards

  • Max 10% of the costs in the services of the platforms of use will be directed to these holders.

  • 1% of the sales fee of the NFTs after our sale will be distributed to the holders

  • Max 20% of the income earned on the business advertising platform will be distributed among these owners.

  • Max 7% discount on POLFEX agent service

  • Guaranteed mint and discount for our second collection.

  • Exclusive holder giveaways

  • Holders will receive free token airdrop

SEAL NFT Holder Rewards

  • Souvenirs Giveaway

  • Products Giveaway

  • Services Giveaway

  • NFT will allow the user to participate in special draws on the platform.

Everything will be announced through official channels.

In this way, we will give you the option of acquiring the main one for the general benefits of the platform and acquiring the second one for raffle participation.

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