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POLFEX iBusiness works as the international trade and technology platform that connects entrepreneurs (buyers) located around the world and manufacturers (suppliers) from the Asian continent connected through their iPFX identifier where the veracity of the user and audited company is guaranteed. The platform uses blockchain technology to create immutable records. Web3 identity is a form of corporate identity that relies on blockchain technology to ensure transparency and data integrity. We have leveraged this technology to create a platform that allows companies and entrepreneurs to operate transparently and reliably.

What is the iPFX identifier protocol?

The iPFX identification protocol is the sum of audit contract processes that guarantee the authenticity of an entity that is backed by an SBT token and privacy-preserving technology based on smart contracts. As an important Web3 infrastructure of the POLFEX business ecosystem, the fundamental objective of the iPFX identifier and its protocol is to build an exclusive, secure, and transparent business ecosystem in all foreign trade and supply chain processes.

POLFEX iBusiness is a platform that has been specially designed to meet the needs of Asian companies looking to improve their image, comply with government regulations, and satisfy purchasing departments and companies around the world.

Below is a quick guide to accessing the platform.

  1. Registration and Creation of iPFX identifier:

Sellers and buyers interested in using POLFEX iBusiness must register and create their iPFX digital identity that will allow them to interact in the business ecosystem. During this process, information about the company or individual user is provided for validation and enabling their connection and operations control panel.

  1. Creation of Profile and Product Catalog:

Once connected, users and sellers complete their profiles. Companies create product catalogs. This involves providing detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and technical specifications for each product they wish to showcase on the platform.

  1. Product Search

Buyers search for products on the platform using the search bar, browsing through the available categories, or the virtual assistant; POLFEX iBusiness focuses on wholesale trade, so products are usually offered in bulk quantities.

  1. Communication and Negotiation

Buyers can contact the manufacturers in two ways:

  1. Communication directly with manufacturers through the platform. This communication may include questions about products, pricing, payment terms, and other details. Negotiation skills are a key characteristic, and the parties can agree on the terms before the agreement is signed.

  2. Through the intermediation of the POLFEX Agent (Recommended) who will be there from start to finish or as the buyer prefers. The specific functions from the negotiation with the supplier, socialization meeting between buyer and seller, adjustment of negotiation terms, product identifier, traceability system in production order and quality controls, optimizing 100% all acquisition processes until the delivery of the product to the central warehouses before being sent to the destination country.

Production Order Traceability

Traceability at POLFEX has a significant impact on foreign trade, procurement, and supply chain. In foreign trade, traceability allows users to trace the origin and destination of products, which is crucial to complying with quality and safety standards. In procurement, traceability helps buyers to ensure that the products they purchase meet the necessary quality and safety requirements. In the supply chain, traceability is essential to guarantee transparency and security at all stages of the process, from production to the final delivery of the product. In general, traceability in POLFEX plays an important role in ensuring security and transparency, which is essential for the success of business operations around the world.


Polfex agents are highly trained professionals who play a vital role in information registration and quality controls for production orders.

Their job is to ensure that all information is accurate when connecting their Wallet for the signature of the state or incidents found during the phase and that all products meet the necessary quality standards before being sent to the destination country.

With their variety of services and highly trained agents, Polfex is helping Asian companies improve their image, comply with government regulations, and satisfy purchasing departments, and companies worldwide.

Business Advertising Platform

Companies create their web3 POLFEX identity and can advertise in special sections and highlight their products.

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