Polfex iConnect

Connect around the world with the security that the business world requires.

An innovative App that offers users an exclusive ecosystem of VIP business connections, POLFEX iConnect audits companies in the business ecosystem in Asia so that every person or company in the international environment has certain business guarantees.

This platform provides its users with access to a select network of business contacts, collaboration opportunities, and specialized resources to expand their businesses. With POLFEX iConnect, companies and entrepreneurs around the world have the opportunity to establish strategic connections and access a privileged business environment that provides them with significant competitive advantages.

POLFEX iConnect app will be developed for IOS and Android systems, we will have a registry of clients with company or individual roles that can then be internally related to each other, the requirements for individuals or companies will be different as necessary, and a questionnaire will be filled out for their respective profiling and then you will have the option to upload documents requested by the platform.

iPFX Protocol identifier on POLFEX iConnect

POLFEX iConnect uses blockchain technology to generate a security framework for the connection and future negotiation of companies.

For Companies

The process begins with the validity and trust audit by our auditors. Once the relevant checks have been carried out, the company file will be the basis for generating your SBT identifier. This is generated with our identification protocol and smart contracts, uniquely relating the company file to the platform. From this moment on, this identifier can be shared for subsequent verification by those who are interested.

The methods may be traditional web or through registration on our platform. Therefore, the protection of the company's sensitive data is fully guaranteed in its registration on the blockchain. Users will be able to validate identifiers on our platforms, receiving the information that companies consider they want to show for verification.

Companies will be able to link a website by default and it will be public in their profile, they will be able to uniquely customize their profiles with predefined colors, add profile photos and banners with recommended characteristics such as resolution and formats, they will be able to establish a summarized and concise description, such as a description about the company in more detail.

Blockchain services for companies

Until now the creation of the SBT identifier is carried out by our auditors. If the company wishes to have greater blockchain guarantees, depending on its familiarity with this technology, it may have the following services:

Soulbound Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, together with economist Eric Glen Weyl and lawyer Puja Ohlhaver published an article in May 2022 titled Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul.

In this paper, we talk about the development of a new token called Soulbound (SBT). It is a crypto asset for the digital identity of the members of a community, group, or place where this identification is important. The main property of this crypto asset is that it is non-transferable, and therefore, its possession is a guarantee of being the only possible owner of its representation.

Soulbound will function as credentials to be used as a master identifier for companies. That is, in a blockchain context, Soulbound will grant access to more relevant places on the platform. iConnect will give a Soulbound to each company that has your main BSC network address. With this crypto asset, you will be able to have secure access to communication, management, or future negotiation with other companies since it can never be stolen.

Dynamic metadata

The metadata of these soulbunds will be dynamic. That is, they will change depending on the status of the company within the platform. Soulbound guarantees that your file was audited and registered for negotiation, but this file will have subsequent reviews and verifications in which the different statuses will be shown in the information of the identifying token. For example, a soulbound may indicate that the file is under review, temporarily paralyzed, or canceled. You can also grant higher levels of quality on our platform. All of this will be done thanks to our contracts with dynamic metadata so that the information is always updated in each case.

Soulbounds factory for companies

One of the characteristics of iConnect is also to provide validation and digital identity to company employees so that they can identify themselves with the use of our iCards. To do this, we will generate soulbounds contracts for companies so that they can give their employees their identifiers. As they are non-transferable, they will also have dynamic metadata to be able to give different statuses, employed or dismissed, job categories, etc.

iPFX Protocol For Individuals or Companies Representation

People or companies from other continents that wish to do business will also be able to use our specific blockchain validation process to have access to the connection and business with our audited business ecosystem. In this way, we also guarantee our business entities truthful contact with sellers or buyers from all over the world.

We must guarantee as much as possible the solvency and honesty of foreign companies represented by individual clients so that everyone can access a profile on our platform, complete the corresponding KYC for registration, to have access and contact with companies in Asia. audited. This will be possible when we create your iPFX, Individual or client.

For the registration process to be completed successfully and have the minimum functionalities, you must have a blockchain address on the Binance Smart Chain network for registration.

Once this registration is completed, you will be able to request your iPFX, which will be a Soulbound designed expressly for contact, connection, and negotiations within our platform. Our identifier will have different statuses, just like the business one, with various levels of privileges depending on your achievements and behavior on the platform.

All this validation, and registration of the different states that the individual may have in POLFEX iConnect, will be controlled by our smart contracts.

With it, you can do:

1. Receive contact information from the audited companies.

2. Contact them through our platform.

3. Special privileges and revealing information

4. Negotiate with the business ecosystem

5. Upgrade.

Individuals will have the option to link a company and its current position, this establishes trust and we generate connections objectively, the accounts in both aspects will have the option to link external links such as account accounts. social networks or websites also will be able to link a website and it will be public in their profile, they will be able to uniquely customize their profiles with predefined colors, and add profile photos and banners with recommended characteristics such as resolution and formats, they will be able to establish a summarized and concise description, such as a description about the individual or company in more detail.

Web ecosystem

We will have a platform or web ecosystem so that all profiles have a public view, in which it is accessible to validate any public information within a specific link for each profile, in which the viewer user can verify that they are part of our application and ecosystem. Without having to be registered in our app, this platform will be read-only, and there will be no option (for now) to generate profile modifications or edits within it.

Optionally, profiles may link a video presentation as a way to show their business identity or economic framework.

Our database will be interacting with blockchain technology, and we validate at all times that the immutable data is always true, there will be data that will be requested in the registration that will be customizable at all times after having registered in the edit profile option, but there are data such as email for example that will be immutable.

Our iPFX unique identifier created by our protocol will always be visible in our profile as a way to show the validity and that there is a record in the blockchain.

Economic activity and segmentation

All profiles will be identified by categories or economic activity, as well as keywords to better segment the profiles when generating internal searches, generating statistics, or searching in the app for other profiles or accounts, these keywords as well. that the unique identifiers will be visible at all times within our profiles.

All registrations will have the option to link their public wallet address and which provider they belong to, with this they will be able to have extra options and functionalities in our Polfex ecosystem for future products and internal validations.

NFC technology about our eCard

We will have the possibility of scanning our physical cards using NFC technology and linking them to the profile of our application in which you will have a digital view of the card within the account profile in the application, with this we will provide veracity of the digital entities with the physical world, in addition, to offer incentives to holders of one of our physical cards, which will have categories and ranks.

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