Token Utility

Our token utility will increase as our products and ecosystem expand. Initially, our token utility will be limited but will develop as the project progresses.

  1. Payment of commissions for digital identity transactions within the platform.

  2. Access to premium services related to the traceability of production orders.

  3. Discounts on purchases made through the platform from audited Asian suppliers.

  4. Exclusive access to Agent Polfex and its operation within the ecosystem.

  5. Exchange for exclusive products offered on the business ecosystem platform.

  6. Participation in loyalty programs with suppliers that accept the token as a form of payment.

  7. Use as a medium of exchange in secondary markets

  8. Possibility to vote and propose new functionalities or improvements within the business ecosystem using the token as a means of participation.

  9. Opportunity to obtain exclusive discounts on platform events and conferences.

  10. Access to exclusive events organized by the platform for investors and prominent members.

PFX TOKEN Holder Rewards

1% of the purchase and sale tax of the PFX token will be distributed to the holders.

More as the ecosystem expands

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