MetaMask Setup

How to create a MetaMask Crypto wallet?

Wallets are the bridge that allows us to manage our digital assets.

A wallet is a piece of software or hardware with which receiving and sending operations can be carried out through a blockchain network.

Choosing an appropriate wallet that meets your needs is a more than important task.

In this article, we will show you a simple tutorial to activate MetaMask, one of the most used digital wallets that we recommend to get started in the crypto world.

Keep in mind that it is a hot wallet and without a custodian, so you will be the only one responsible for the keys.

  1. Using your computer, go to and install the app or browser extension. Always check that you write the website correctly.

  1. Click “Install MetaMask for Chrome”

  1. Add to Chrome and allow: The browser will take you to the Google Chrome web page; To add the extension, click “Add to Chrome” and then “Allow.”

  1. Create a new wallet: Now, two options will appear. If you already had a wallet, you can import it. Otherwise, you have to choose the “Create a Wallet with a secret phrase” option.

  1. Create a password: You must choose a strong password to protect your information and assets.

  1. Secret Recovery Phrase: This code will be provided to you. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep it in the safest place possible and do not share it with anyone. You will need it to access your wallet if your device crashes or your browser restarts, and there is no way to recover it. Once your recovery phrase is safely stored, you can go to “Next.”

  1. Next, a screen will appear explaining what a secret recovery phrase is, how to create a copy (again, on paper and not digitally), and information on why you should never share your recovery phrase with anyone. Simply put, your secret recovery phrase is made up of 12 random words. It works as a backup in case you lose your phone or computer where you have the wallet downloaded and need to import it to a new device.

You must carefully copy each word in the order they appear on the screen. The order will be of vital importance since you will not be able to import your account to a new device if they are out of order, even if all 12 are correct. Then, MetaMask will ask you to write the sequence of 12 words to confirm and that's it!!!

Congratulations, you have created your wallet!!

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