Meet the Team

Hi! We are real people working since 2016 on a product that has improved people's life. Our HQ is in ASIA but we are decentralized all over the world.

J Mauricio Mosquera / Chief Executive Officer

Proactive and versatile professional with extensive experience in the area of foreign trade, logistics, quality control, storage, and customs, the leader in high-performance work teams with a clear focus on development based on results, and focused on quality and excellence in the service. Developed strategic alliances in Asia(China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Japan)strengthening different fronts in the supply chain. Lover of Blockchain technology and its scope in the maximum expression based on the security, transparency, and decentralization that it offers.

J Pauline Velez Chief / Operating Officer

Innovative and charismatic woman with extensive experience in design, development, and project management. Its mission is focused on the administration and optimization of processes in each phase of the development and implementation of the platforms of the POLFEX ecosystem. Excellent interpersonal relationships are characterized by their unmatched commitment to the objectives set and goal achievement.

Giovanny Ramos Santos / Chief Marketing Officer

Professional with a trajectory of 20 years. Graphic Design Technologist prepared to plan, advise, direct, and execute projects in different areas of graphic design such as advertising design, editorial design, image, and corporate identity, and design of symbols, brands, logos, and packaging. With excellent skills in animation, multimedia, NFT design, digital marketing, e-commerce, virtual platforms, social networks, communities, and web pages. Expert in professional audio and video editing, photo retouching, and advertising photography for products and services.

Fernando López López / Blockchain Developer

He is part of one of the initial parts of the project as a Blockchain developer, his experience and knowledge have been strengthened with experience in adaptations based on ERC20, ERC721, ERC721A, and ERC1155 standards to various business logics such as other more specialized ones:

Play to earn games NFTs marketplaces DAOs. His greatest specialty is in the NFT world in its entire ecosystem: Game management contracts with NFTs, and fractional NFTs. utility NFTs, dNFTs(dynamic NFTs), etc.

Of course, he has made contracts for fungible tokens, stablecoins, vesting, AMM, lottery, and DeFi, in various EVM networks. In addition to this, he is a Blockchain trainer where he has conducted training workshops on blockchain on a private platform for the study and advancement of professionals in web development.

Joel Tuiran Mendoza

Passionate about the technological world, I love writing code. I am a web-focused programmer with a skeptical and problem-solving mindset. High experience creating web applications and websites with high standards. I create functional and attractive interfaces with a good understanding of visual and UX concepts.

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